So, What Is Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary dance is definitely gaining popularity and quickly becoming one of the most often seen styles of dance.  But what exactly is contemporary dance?

When contemporary first hit the dance scene it was mainly comprised of jazz, modern and classical movements, but has now morphed to contain many different styles.  The contemporary dance you most often see today is a blend of modern, ballet and jazz.

Contemporary often relies on ballet technique for the strong, controlled movement in the dancer’s legs and modern for the use of the torso, floor work, fall and recovery and many other elements.

This, of course, it not all contemporary dance is based on.  Think of it as the melting pot of dance, even pulling from non-traditional styles of studio dance like African and Japanese dance.


Welcome To WestWave

Welcome to WestWave!  Here we aim to share our love of dance with with other members of our community.  Our main focus is on contemporary dance, but we will occasionally discuss and share other styles as we come across exceptional dances.

comtemporary dance at beach

Why mainly contemporary?

To us at WestWave, contemporary is the future of dance and is one of the most popular forms of dance today.  We feel it allows dancers and choreographers the freedom to express what they truly want through movement and can often times be more entertaining and interesting than lyrical, though the two are often compared.

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